Monday, October 5, 2009

Am I On My Way?

From Christina:

Well, I have some exciting news. I got my first check from affiliate marketing this weekend! I know what you're thinking. "What the hell is affiliate marketing?" I know because that's pretty much what my friends and family ask me every time I bring it up. :)

Here's a brief explanation from an article I wrote entitled "Working at Home Moms - How to Become One Through Affiliate Marketing"

Joe's Company sells hot dog stands. You love hot dog stands and you love writing about hot dog stands. You see that Joe's has an affiliate program, and you sign up for it and get your own unique link. Now, whenever you write about hot dog stands, you include your unique link to Joe's hot dog stands. Whenever a sale is made through your link, you get a commission. Woot!

Affiliate marketing is sales through the Internet. Or, it's matching up someone who has a problem with a product that you think can help them.When you make a sale for someone else's product, you get a commission. The commission can be anywhere from 4% - 75%.

Affiliate marketing is what I want to do when I grow up. :) Some people are born to sing or dance, and I was born to be an Internet Marketer. I just was. My mom and stepdad were the first ones to have a computer. I met my husband online. I've worked in the e-commerce field for about 8 years before being laid off. (Oh, that reminds me. I have to tell you how I got to this point in my life. Next post!) I love the Internet and I see the opportunity there.

So, to have a check come through my affiliate marketing efforts is AMAZING to me. It's like my dream is coming to fruition. The dream is that I get to work when I want, where I want. The dream is that I get to stay home with my kids and enjoy them growing up. The dream is that I don't have to work for anyone. I am my own boss! I am feeling this more and more every single day. I know I can do this. I know I will do this.

And if you're out there thinking "I want to be a stay at home mom, but affiliate marketing doesn't seem like it's up my alley.", that's OK. This blog is not about affiliate marketing. This blog is about tapping into your creative resources, following your passions and never settling. If we can do it, so can you. No matter which path you decide to take.

So, am I on my way? I believe so! But you'll have to keep reading to find out for sure. :) 

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  1. Yay! I'm going to look into this affiliate marketing stuff. Also, look into blog sponsorship - i just made 90 bucks for one month's "work" simply by having a logo in the side bar of my blog. is my sponsor... they are really GREAT and offer many discounts to their sponsorees (is that a WORD) on business cards, stationary, and other 'business type paraphanalia). total E-Z money :) and they are SUPER supportive and fun! :)