Friday, October 9, 2009

How I Got to Where I Am - Christina's Story

From Christina:

First, I want to mention, due to Jenna's post, I've been gathering items in my house and posting them up on eBay. What fun that is. And selling coupons? Who would've thought? What a great idea! I wonder what other ideas are out there?

And now, the short version of my story...

- My first job out of college was for a marketing company with a woman who I'll just call "Bitch Master." That was the start of the hatred for the office.

- The next job was a joke, but it was pretty fun. On Fridays, the owner brought in a fruit basket, and we'd use the contents to have some nice food fights. There's probably still some rotten fruit under the desks there.

- The following job was at a .com company that bombed. I was there for 6 months. I wish that position had lasted a little longer because I was really getting good at ping pong.

- The next one was at another .com, but a successful one (they're still doing good). They had a basketball court IN the office. For the first few years I was there, they allowed dogs. It was one of those places. It was somewhat fun until they became corporate-y. (Corporate-y = new building with gray cubes, no shorts, no flip-flops, no dogs and the basketball court was turned into a merchandise photo area.)

- The final job was the one that took the cake and secured my hatred for the cubicle once and for all. Every day I walked in, I felt like my soul was dying. It was like working in the movie Office Space (but way less funny). Thankfully, they put me out of my misery and laid me off (along with about 3/4 of the rest of the company) in February.

And what do you know? Things have been looking up ever since then! I've been learning more and more about affiliate marketing, I got to spend the summer in my flip flops hanging out with my kids, and life has been GOOD!

Our finances are actually better than ever right now. (That's another story for another day.) Will it last? Well, I hope it will only get better from here. I can't wait to see what happens...