Tuesday, October 6, 2009

eBaying It!

From Jenna:

Well not that this is any big news to anyone, but obviously eBay was one of the first outlets that came to mind when I thought of making some money online. So of course I'm going through my house and getting into the "minimalistic" mindset of getting rid of anything and everything I don't need. Of course with that though, you always have to be sure that whatever you're selling is at least going to be worth your time in terms of shipping and eBay/Paypal fees too.

Anyway, this is not a tutorial for how to make money with eBay, since we all basically know how to do that, but it is to share some ideas of looking at things a new way.

Since I've been doing some research on eBay, I was amazed to find people flipping all sorts of things on eBay that I never would have thought of, like coupons! Just yesterday, I even purchased a coupon myself from an eBay seller. The coupon was for 20% off my entire purchase at a store I was going to make a large purchase at anyway. I paid $1 for the coupon, and received it within minutes because it was an e-mail coupon. When I got the e-mail, I was so impressed by the idea. The seller had subscribed to an e-mail list which got her this coupon. On the bottom of the coupon, it had a link "send to a friend", so it was totally legit that she sent me this coupon and it won't be a problem for me to use it. But she took the "send to a friend" idea and made money off it, and of course she can "sell" it an unlimitted amount of times. GREAT idea!

Now obviously, we're not talking major money with something like that, but I went for it. And it's opened my eyes to other possibilities too.

While reading my son a book the other day, Big Bird was looking for things to sell on Sesame Street. He picked up 4 empty ketchup bottles off the street, and put them in his "store" not because he thought they would really sell, but because he didn't want the shelves to look empty. He didn't think anyone would buy them at all. But just then, the Count came by and bought them because he wanted to count them. :) That's like eBay. Sometimes the object you're trying to sell has value much beyond what you perceive because it's opportunity, convenience, or investment to someone else.

I'm raiding my fridge as we speak...

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